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B540 'Gaia'

B540 'GAIA' - up to 5 people

Big bath platforms
Biggest boat without licence

Characteristics :

  • Model: Bayliner Element E5

  • Capacity: 5 people

  • Boat size : 5,40 m x 2,22 m

  • Engine: Selva Aruana 40/15

  • Speed: 10-20 km/h

Equipment :

  • Sun roof (bimini)

  • Ladder, lifejackets, anchor

  • Radio

  • Cushions / big mattresses

  • Big bath platforms

Rates :

          (fuel included)

  • 2 hours: 160 €

  • 3 hours : 190 €

  • 4 hours: 220 €

  •      +30 € / hour

  • 1 day (8h): 330 €

Informations / booking :

This boat B540 'GAIA' can hold up to 5 people, and can be driven without any licence.

It is equipped with a bimini sun roof to protect from sun, an anchor, a ladder and bath platforms to go swimming and come back on board, a radio, and of course all the navigation and safety equipment (lifejackets, anchor, foghorn,...).

The rental price is all included: fuel consumption, all risk insurance and cleaning. No hidden cost!
A 500€ security deposit is required (cash or Visa/Mastercard), refund at the end of the rental.

Before leaving the port, you will receive instructions from a professional: he will show you the operation of the boat, the driving rules, the safety instructions… He will also present you the navigation area and will provide you advices of itineraries in line on with your expectations and the rental duration.